Freelance cinematographer, commercial- and narrative projects and short music docs. I also run a high-resolution online music store at:  - I travel a lot, so I have two phone numbers, f*cking cool right...!? I was trained at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, CA and graduated in 2012; and now based in Amsterdam.

+31 6 41198876 (nl)   +1 213 255 1665 (usa)


Recently completed projects:

A Just Another Nerd production Directed: Raoul Oei Camera: Jonas Sacks Edit: Youp Wehnes

Nicolas Altstaedt talks about his upcoming release for Channel Classics.

In this 8 minute video the Dutch composer Theo Loevendie meets ensemble Holland Baroque. Theo Loevendie ‘Presto' uit nieuw werk (2015)

Spent a day with the guys from JustAnotherNerd and Dutch composer and pianist Joep Beving to follow him on the road to an intimate concert in Amsterdam. Directed by: Raoul Oei

For the album Schumann Lieder, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Channel Classics 38416 Thomas Oliemans, baritone Paolo Giacometti, fortepiano




Some set photographs


Recent projects  (selection)

Cinematographer “Mindfu*k” • Season 2 (D: Oscar Verpoort P: AVRO-TROS / OVP) C300 The Netherlands

Commercial Cinematographer "Nu even geen reclame" (D: Fiep Canters Cremer P: Peer Media) Arri Amira

Commercial Cinematographer "Cirque Stiletto" (D: Mink Pinkster P: Lisa Lente / MiLLK) Arri Amira

Broadcast Cinematographer “Miljuschka's Food Trucks” (P: Foodwire - 24 Kitchen/FOX) Canon C100mkii NY, TX, CA - USA

B-Camera Operator“Bon Bini Holland” (D: Jelle de Jonge P: Eyeworks) Arri Alexa The Netherlands

Commercial Cinematographer“Couverts”(D: Sanne Vogel P: RTL Nederland)Arri Amira The Netherlands

Broadcast Camera Operator“Mindfu*k” • Season 1 (D: Oscar Verpoort P: AVRO-TROS / OVP)C300 The Netherlands

TV-Drama Camera Operator“Celblok H”(D: Dennis Bots P: FourOne.Media) SONY F5 The Netherlands

Broadcast Camera Operator“De Zeven Zeëen”(D: Harm Griekspoor P: Sputnik for BNN/VARA)SONY HD Italy

Feature Camera Operator“ Against the Sun” (D: Brian Falk P: American Film Company) ALEXA Baja, Mexico

Feature Gaffer“Test” (D: Chris Johnson P: Serious Productions) SONY F3 San Francisco, CA, USA

Feature Add. Cinematography “Esclavo de dios” (D: Joel Novoa P: Arlequin Films) RED ONE Los Angeles, CA, USA

Broadcast Camera Operator“Wie is de Mol Junior”(D: Harm Griekspoor P: IDTV for BNN/VARA) SONY HD The Netherlands

Miljuschka's Food Trucks - 24Kitchen

Miljuschka's Food Trucks - 24Kitchen

Mindfuck, Victor Mids - OVP (AVROTROS)

Mindfuck, Victor Mids - OVP (AVROTROS)

De Zeven Zeeën - Sputnik Media (Bnn)

De Zeven Zeeën - Sputnik Media (Bnn)




TV campagne for Youfone with Marcelino Wunderlich part 2!

Commercial voor

Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp 2
Produced by Yune
Directed by Jasper Bazuin

Cirque Stiletto 3 - Karin Bloemen

Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp 1
Produced by Yune
Directed by Jasper Bazuin

for Bijenkorf Channel
Produced by Yune
Directed by Carl Kruger



Against the Sun

The Men's Room \ Short

Machsom \ AFI Thesis (Trailer) [Shot on 35mm]

Shiner \ Short

The French Dip \ Short Doc

Composition with Indian Yellow, (...) [Shot on 35mm]

Apart From Art \ Short (excerpt) [Shot on 16mm]


Rosanne Philippens - MYTH

Odd Pearls is an adventurous collaboration between composer/trumpeter Diederik Rijpstra and Judith Steenbrink (violin) and Tineke Steenbrink (organ).

Holland Baroque Society - Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 BWV 1048

A. Piazzolla - Four Seasons Of Buenos Aires 'Cuatro Estaciónes Porteñas': III. Winter 'Invierno Porteño' Performed by Amsterdam Sinfonietta

„All for Nothing” by Kensington

Music video for Max cooper about the nature of complexity and the beauty that comes with increased complexity in our lives. Evolution has always been increasing detail, variation and resolution of life. This refinement of life is something truly miraculous.

Dana Zemtsov - Michael Kugel: Prelude - Ysaye

Harteveld & Fretz - Late Avond Idealen

Eric Vloeimans meets Holland Baroque Society

Serena Wang - Chopin Fantasie impromptu C# minor

The archives

Hot Stewards - Straight Up \ Music video [Shot on DigiBeta...! remember..tapes!! ]

Anderson - Trevor on the dancefloor \ Music video [Shot on Red One]

A 20 minute film shot on location in Budapest, Hungary describing the process of recording the 4th and 6th Beethoven symphonies with the Budapest Festival Orchestra, conducted by Ivan Fischer.

For Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam - Malevich Expo 2013 Cinematography & Editing: Jonas Sacks