A selection of work in the 'Music Category', which in itself could be subdivided. The summary of this all is that I love these projects exactly because they are all so different. Plus, musicians are the most amazing creatures on earth, and are a blast to work with.


Accoustic version of „All for Nothing” by Kensington

This is the story of the Universe. Music video for Max cooper about the nature of complexity. And also the beauty that comes with increased complexity in our lives. Evolutioni has always been increasing detail, variation and resolution of life. This refinement of life is something truly miraculous. The video has been shot through the reflecting light of countless mirrors. Tom Geraedts - Design and Direction Jonas Sacks - Camera - Production Sue Ann Yeah - Dancer Michael Konings - Dancer Also Thanks to Cam-a-lot, Singel film studio and Jannes van Beijsterveldt. Supine taken from Max Cooper's album, Human,

Dana Zemtsov - Michael Kugel: Prelude - Ysaye

35mm Ultra prime lenses

Serena Wang - Chopin Fantasie impromptu C# minor

Holland Baroque Society meets Eric Vloeimans in OLD NEW & BLUE 'Sans Parure' - composed by Eric Vloeimans Filmed during take 2 of the recording session on May 13, 2013 Haarlem, the Netherlands trumpet - Eric Vloeimans bandoneon - Marc Constandse vionlin 1 Judith Steenbrink Peter Michalik David Wish vionlin 2 Maite Larburu Annelies van der Vegt Antina Hugosson viola Esther van der Eijk Stefano Rossi cello Tomasz Pokrzywinski Steuart Pincombe double bass and Violone - Christine Sticher organ - Tineke Steenbrink lute - Christoph Sommer cinematography and editing - Jonas Sacks b-camera operator - Ype Poortinga audio - Channel Classics / Jared Sacks

Anderson - Trevor on the dancefloor \ Music video [Shot on Red One]

Hot Stewards - Straight Up \ Music video [Shot on DigiBeta...! remember..tapes!! ] Directed by David Douglas