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Cinematographer Based in amsterdam

Biography Jonas Sacks, Cinematographer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Growing up in a musical family/business, Jonas started producing and shooting interviews and musical essays with artists for the classical music record label CHANNEL CLASSICS in The Netherlands. While earning a Bachelor Degree in Audiovisual Media Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts (Netherlands, ‘08) he worked on numerous short narrative films, commercials, docs and music videos as a cinematographer. After shooting the feature 'CHAPLIN OF THE MOUNTAINS' in Kurdistan/Iraq in 2009, he decided to move to Los Angeles to turn cinematography into a full-time endeavor and was accepted at the American Film Institute for the Cinematography Master Program, led by Stephen Lighthill, ASC. In 2011 he shot the short film 'THE MENS ROOM' with director Jane Pickett for which he earned BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at the MiMi LGBT film festival in Barcelona, Spain.

After four years in Los Angeles, he based himself in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He starts a company called NativeDSD Music which sells the highest resolution music files. Combining Cinematography skills with music and starting the label Just Listen Records has been the main fair, combined with Commercials and Short films.

Jonas is on Instagram as sonasjacks


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