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Kissinger (The Last Hurrah)

In Marseille I shot a film directed by Hugo Naber, and starring Bo Tarenskeen and Jolanda van den Berg. The short is now in post-production.

For Henry Kissinger arranging the royal box seats in the Opéra national de Paris on such a short notice was just a dial away. To convince the maître d'hôtel for their usual and to hustle close friends took a few more calls on the switchboard, given it's a regular Thursday evening. So what are you gonna do? Nancy Kissinger looks like a million bucks on the ride over. 

When the diner dies down things are about to take a turn for the worse as we find Henry walking the 3 miles from Quai de l'Hôtel de Ville towards Place de l'Opéra. Not only is he dodging Nancy inside the foyer but somehow he vanished inside the catacombs of the Palais Garnier all together. Leaving us no trace at all.

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