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website of jonas sacks, cinematographer, photographer, offerring services as a dop or director of photography, can work local in los angeles and amsterdam

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Netherlands Bach Society

For the Netherlands Bach Society and Nederlandse Spoorwegen (National Railways) I created this 90 second aftermovie of a concert that was playe din the Royal Waiting Chambers at Amsterdam Central Station. It was shot on the Canon C200 and Samyang lenses, operated on a Movi.

Shunske Sato Performs an excerpt of the Chaconne from the Partita for Violin No. 2 (Bach) [bwv 1004].

Sheila and the Kit (a music video)

A music video I shot back when it was VERY cold in Amsterdam. 

Noteworthy:  Its a ONE-Shot video, enjoy!

Some Set Pics

Directed by Bobbie Koek
DOP: Jonas Sacks
Focus Puller: Django de Groot
Graded by Remi Lindenhovius
Produced by Lynn Koek
Assisted by Mike van Wetten, Lon van den Berg and Elsa May Averill
Clothes Sheila by Terror Kittens
Clothes boys by Jip Smit

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