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"Shiner" is a short film - based on the play by Dan Moyer, which I shot in 2011. It stars Trevor Davis and Jameelah Nuriddin and is directed by Pete Sestina. It recently premiered at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Official selection
2012 Rhode Island International Film Festival
2013 Athens (Ohio) Film & Video Festival

Despite being the same age, Willy and Kate are years apart. Willy would drop everything to follow his heart, while Kate knows that some decisions have life-changing consequences. But when Willy musters up the courage to share how he feels, revelations about each other's past threaten to drive them apart. Taking place in a single night, SHINER is a film about black eyes and bright lights, and how hard it is to buy the woman you love a breakfast sandwich. Simple, understated and human, it explores how two people must learn to love themselves before they can love each other.

We shot the film in 2 nights in Los Angeles, using an ARRI ALEXA and Zeiss Standard Speeds.

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